Sanitation Equipment Limited
Sanitation Equipment Portable and Marine Toilets High Quality Features and Construction:

A Leak-Proof, Odor-Proof seal with Quick Release Separation Latch(es) for the Fresh Water & Waste Holding Tanks.

Generous Fresh Water Reservoirs mean the unit doesn’t have to be refilled as often and there are Several Waste Tank Capacities available to suit your needs.

Every model has a Waste Level Indicator and the Smooth High-Gloss Finish makes cleaning easy.

All models include a Bi-Directional Piston Pump Rinse. Most models also incorporate a Directional Pour Spout which is easily cleaned and stored in an Integral Storage Compartment.


Available in 18 and 24 Liters

-Larger Seat

-14L Water Reservoir

-18/24L Holding Tank

-Directional pour spout and storage compartment



Available in 8 and 18 Liter

-10L Water Resevoir

-8/18L Holding Tank

-Hold Down Brackets Included

-90 degree rotating pump out fitting


Available in 8, 10, 12 and 18 Liters

-10L Water Reservoir

-8/10/12/18L Holding Tank

-Directional Pour Spout and storage compartment